Adv. Modidima Mannya

Modidima Mannya is an admitted Advocate with vast Leadership Skills in the following areas: Procurement and Supply Chain Management As Accounting Officer, I was responsible for procurement including procurement planning, compliance with procurement policy, establishment of procurement system, procurement committees, approval of bid specifications and approval of tender awards. I was also responsible for overseeing the entire supply chain management process. 

Contracts. As Chief Legal Advisor, I was responsible for reviewing and authorizing contracts prior to signature, contract drafting, negotiation, contract dispute resolution, providing legal advise, contract compliance and reporting. Human Resources As Head of Department, I was responsible for overseeing human resource management and development, recruitment, grievances, discipline, labour relations, salary negotiations and talent management.

Worked in a highly unionized environment and dealt with trade unions on various aspects and manage relations with organized labour. As Management Consultant and Legal Practitioner, I was responsible for assisting clients with human resource planning, representing clients in labour disputes including at Labour Court and arbitrations. Budget and Financial Management As Accounting Officer, I was overall responsible for budget planning and control, financial resource allocation, expenditure control and general financial management and systems. Information technology As Chief Legal Advisor, I was responsible for preparing ICT contracts negotiation. 


As Accounting Officer I was responsible to oversee ICT planning and implementation. Liaison, Communication and Coordination As Legal Practitioners I was involved in representing various communities, involved in community dispute resolution. As Head of Department was responsible for participating in various community outreach programmes, community liaison and consultations. As Head of Department I served as Chief Communication Officer of the Departments I led, held press conferences, prepared and issued media statements and conducted interviews with media.

As commentator and writer, I published various opinion pieces on a diversity of issues in newspapers and engaged in various public debates, media commentary on various issues. Statutory Functions. Served as Accounting Officer in terms of the Public Finance Management Act. Served as Information Officer in terms of PAIA Performed Occupational Health and Safety Functions (Section 16 functions) Other functions in terms of various legislation.


27 Years of Combined Management and Legal Experience

Adv. Modidima Mannya is former political activist, a believer in African Unity, a human rights activist and holds strong anti-corruption views, believes in servanthood and ethical leadership. His motto is equal rights and justice for all. His motto is equal rights and justice for all.